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How Refreshing: Cycle September Pumped GreenTown And Kids!


Oct 2020


The bike competition Cycle September finished with a strong push by the GreenTown Los Altos Bike Team. We finished in 15th place out of 187 Bay Area teams. Pretty impressive considering that we never did a ride with the full team.

The event was organized by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, a nonprofit that promotes bicycling in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties and has an overarching goal to see that 10% of trips are taken by bike by 2025.

The GreenTown team helped achieve that goal with all the rides we took and all the miles we rode. A high five to Jimmy Gao, Arnold Ambiel and David Gong with a combined total of almost 1000 miles.

If you look in the background you’ll see lots of kids on bikes at Bay Lands. That’s a wonderful sight! Especially now.

Despite the recent miserable air quality, Gary Hedden rode on 27 different days and Jimmy on 23. Other team members were Willem De Lange, Don Weiden, Denis Koush, Jana Schlansker and Scott Vanderlip.

Thanks team, for a job well done!

~ Gary Hedden

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