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Walk or Wheel Everywhere!

Imagine every student walking or wheeling to school!

The Walk or Wheel! (WoW!) Program is about using “wheels” or walking to get around. Fewer single passenger car trips. Inspiring more kids to walk or bike to school where it is safe to do so.

WoW! benefits are enormous.

  • Positively impacts kids’ well-being
  • Reduces pollution
  • Uses contests and incentives to encourage kids to get to school on their own.

With 11 local schools actively participating in the WoW! program it’s already a success. At these schools, parent-teacher organizations assign volunteers to work with students to embrace, educate and empower kids to think “Walk or Wheel!” .

Our Vision

Our long term vision is every student walks or wheels to school when they feel safe doing so. Activities and incentives are planned throughout the school year to reach our goal and to begin building a culture of future bicyclists and pedestrians.

WoW! Highlights

Bicycle Safety Education: GreenTown advocates for bicycle safety education in the schools.

Want to learn more about bike safety? See the Traffic Safe Communities Network Bicycle Safety Brochure for Parents & Students.

Interested in getting a class for your school. Options include:

  • School Assemblies for Elementary Schools
  • Hands-on Bike Rodeos for 3rd and 4th Graders
  • Drive that Bike Classes for Junior High
  • Raising Safe Cyclists for all Parents

Contact for more information.

Student Travel Modes: GreenTown also works with the Los Altos and Cupertino School Districts to survey Los Altos/Hills’ student travel modes two times during the year: once in the Fall and once in Winter. See WoW! Survey Data – Feb 2012. Findings include:

  • More WoW! students in upper grades:  40% of 6th graders; > 60% of  7th and 8th graders WoW! to school.
  • Junior High Schools top the charts: 65% of Blach and 45% of Egan students.
  • Elementary Schools with greater WoW! student populations have high parent involvement and active WoW! programs – Oak (42%), Springer (44%), and Almond (35%).
  • Fewer WoW! students at elementary schools with attendance areas on the other side of a major thoroughfare (e.g., Foothill and El Camino).
  • Oak Avenue won Greenest Elementary School 2013, Loyola won most improved.
  • Blach Intermediate won Greenest Middle School 2013.

Why WoW! to School? Other Benefits

  • Reduces vehicle miles, pollution and carbon emissions
  • Boosts kids’ confidence and fosters bonding with peers
  • Encourages a healthy, fit lifestyle
  • Reduces local school traffic, thereby improving kids’ safety

Be on the lookout – there are more kids on bikes in Los Altos!

Want to help? Please contact:

Preparing/Stuffing 300+ Boltage RFID (radio freq. ID) tags into protective pouches in preparation for handing out tags to the students prior to kickoff on Oct. 5, 2011. Tags are used with zapper at school to record # trips students make either walking or wheeling. L-R: Rory Maclean, Brandon Le, Andres Garcia, Will Diamond. Not pictured: Sean Diamond

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