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500 Trees

Help us Plant 500 Trees!

Trees help you, our city and the planet. They look attractive, their shade will keep your home cooler in the summer and trees sequester carbon white producing oxygen. Trees can play a pivotal role in the response to climate change and you can make a difference.


See our Campaign Tree List here:

Plant 500 Trees Campaign Flipbook



We wrapped up the 2019/2020 campaign with over 100 trees planted. Still want a tree? We will be back in November with the same offer – If you live in Los Altos or Los Altos Hills, we will provide you with a tree from our list – at less than wholesale pricing – and we will plant it for free. That’s an offer that’s hard to beat. Send us your contact information and we’ll send you more information, and beginning in October, set up a site visit to pick a spot for a tree or two.

Sign up now and get on the list.