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Grey Water

What’s Grey Water?

Any way you spell it, (graywater or greywater) because it seems there’s no agreement on spelling, the concept is an environmental win for us all.

Grey water is water that’s already been used, still cleagtla greywater defn enough to reuse. Think of it like repurposing water.

Like the water cycling through your washing machine, still good a second time around. Taking this “clean enough” water to supplement elsewhere. Most notably for lawn irrigation. How’s that for sweet? We have several ways to jump start your grey water know how:

• Santa Clara County offers a primer on Grey Water, worth reading here.

Grey Water resources abound:

(you’ll even notice the jury is out on its spelling gray or grey).

Here’s some links to learn more:

Agency Guides

Codes and Standards

Books and Reports

Non-Profit Organizations

Laundry Products

Looking for a greywater installer? Check out: