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Volunteer opportunities abound

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer with GreenTown Los Altos, whether you just want to contribute to a single project, work with us for a few hours on a single day, or make a longer term commitment.  Here are some of our current volunteer openings.  To volunteer, email us.

Marketing Chair

Seeking Resourceful, Creative Marketer to Drive Outreach and Awareness for Environmental Nonprofit. Interested? Read the description here.

Marketing Events Outreach and Social Media & Blog Poster

Great at networking? Post events on local media datebooks and email schools and other organizations to promote GreenTown events. Post to our Facebook page and Twitter account. Edit articles and post to the GreenTown blog and Los Altos Patch blog.


Great with a camera? Take photos and videos at GreenTown events. Edit videos and upload to GreenTown’s YouTube channel.


Love the written word? Research and write articles for our blog and for local news local news outlets to spread the word about green happenings in our community.

PR Manager

Keep the local press up to date about upcoming GreenTown events, event outcomes and pitch articles/stories. Assist with writing blog posts and articles.

Bike/Walk Program Volunteer

Biking your thing? Help with GreenTown’s WoW! program, working with PTA volunteers to encourage kids to walk and bike to school. Help organize community biking  bike tours of historical sites, native landscapes, or sustainably-designed buildings. For more info, email us.

Waste Reduction/Compostables Co-op Volunteer

Have a penchant for recycling? Like working with schools and businesses? Volunteer for GreenTown to promote greater recycling and composting in our community or to promote our business compostable products co-op to local food service businesses. Contact us by email for more info about the co-op.

Plus you can just volunteer when it’s convenient at local events:

IMAG0185Contribute to one project. Work a few hours one day. Make a longer term commitment. Beloware  volunteer openings or email Jana for more info. Take our Member and Volunteer Survey.

Greet Friends. Park Bikes. At The Bike Valet

GreenTown provides bike parking services at many local events. Fun way to see old friends and make new ones. For event dates, contact Jana.