GreenTown Los Altos

Program Focused. Water | Waste | Watts | WoW


  • Grey water seminars
  • Drought tips including native planting education
  • Permanente Creek clean up


Watts (All Things Energy)

  • “Unleash The Power On Your Roof” Campaign to encourage solar installations
  • Our efforts resulted in Los Altos joining CCE (Community Choice Energy) through Silicon Valley Clean Energy.

WoW! (Walk or Wheel)

  • Increased walking/bike commuting at local schools, on average, to > 22%. Interested? Get in touch.

Community Driven: 2400 residents. 35 businesses. 1400 kids.

  • Members include >2400 passionate residents, 35 businesses/organizations.
  • > 1,400 youth participated in our programs
  • >100 volunteers donated 8,500 hours to GreenTown programs

Collaboration Yields Powerful Results:

  • Encouraged the City to sign the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement.
  • Recommended the City complete baseline inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Saved the City >$200,000 in consulting fees by providing in-depth research and analysis for waste contract.
  • Educated Environmental Commission and City Council about waste collection issues, including importance of food waste and compostables collection.


  • Educated citizens through articles and public speaker events on topics such as climate change, energy reduction, sustainable landscaping, toxins, how youth are helping the environment and water savings.