GreenTown Los Altos

Join the GreenTown Los Altos Water Stewardship Committee


Mar 2011


Water is a unique resource necessary for sustaining life and not substitutable with any other substance. As our population and economy grow, it is important to efficiently manage the water we have and protect our watersheds.
The GreenTown Los Altos Water Stewardship Program educates and encourages Los Altos and Los Altos Hills residents to:
  1. Conserve water, both indoors and outdoors.  We want to build the ethic of wise water use that will enable a high quality of life for future generations.
  2. Reduce pollution to our streams and the Bay. We have the vision of healthy, passable streams that would enable Steelhead trout to return. We also want to minimize wastewater pollution that ultimately flows into the Bay.
Our committee is currently working on several exciting projects and could use more volunteers! For more information or to join, contact:
Joe Eyre, Water Stewardship Committee Chair at or (408) 857-8609.

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