GreenTown Los Altos

Green thumbs up to the City of Los Altos on becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community!


May 2011


The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) presents the award only “to  communities with remarkable commitments to bicycling.” Los Altos attained  Bicycle Friendly Community status at the Bronze level. Applicant communities are judged in five categories: engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation and planning. So the next question: How do we get the Gold?

“The Bronze level indicates we have a lot of room for improvement but that we are headed in the right direction,” says Bill Crook, Los Altos Traffic Commission Chair and champion of the application process for Bicycle Friendly Community status. “The Los Altos Bicycle Transportation Plan is nearing completion. The new plan puts a priority on getting school children biking to school and residents biking to nearby retail, parks, library – everyday errands.”

We eagerly await information from the LAB on improvements needed for Los Altos to achieve Gold status. Thanks to Bill Crook, City of Los Altos Senior Engineer, Larry Lind, Sargent Matt Hartley of the Los Altos Police Department, and members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for helping to make this happen!

2 Responses to “Green thumbs up to the City of Los Altos on becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community!”

  1. Ken

    I would love to see a safer bicycle route along Page Mill Road at the I-280 interchange. The current bike lanes are very difficult, even dangerous, for the average bicyclist. That is all times of the day, but especially during rush hour.

  2. Michael Golden

    It’s nice that Los Altos is a bicycle friendly community. Los Altos Hills certainly is not. The city of Los Altos Hills seems to have asked the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department to cite all bicyclists for even the most minor of infractions, breeding animosity between cyclists and law enforcement. This short-sighted response to the real problem of educating bicyclists, especially riders in large groups, about the necessity to obey traffic regulations has certainly discouraged me from riding in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.

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