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Selenium in Permanente Creek: Large Turnout Needed at May 24th Public Hearing


May 2012


The following is from an email from Bill Almon, with Quarry No:

We went to the Workshop Friday and found that the County intends to
let the Selenium pollution in Permanente Creek rise for the next 20
years. They agree the Selenium is there and comes from the Lehigh
operation and will build up over time.  However they say a treatment
facility to treat the pit water is too high a cost to lay on Lehigh
and that true reclamation can only occur after mining ends.

The Planning Commissioners questioned this and the County’s rush to
get the EIR approved.  I think if we can get a big turnout for this
Thursday’s Public Hearing  (10:00AM at the County Center, 70 West
Hedding) we will give the Planning Commission the public support they
need to say that the Reclamation Plan is unacceptable. If the Plan is
approved as presented there will be little that any of us can do for
the next 20 years.  Please spread the word.

The meeting notice is at

The EIR is at:–Draft-EIR.aspx
It is worth reading the Executive Summary as this gives a good overview.

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