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Want to Show off Your Chickens?


Aug 2012


Have your chickens featured in the first annual Tour de Coop

The Silicon Valley Tour de Coop, a self-guided bicycle tour of chicken coops and gardens, has announced its call for coops. If you have a chicken coop and are available from 9am-4pm on Saturday, October 27, you may be eligible as a featured coop in the tour!

The tour is designed to educate visitors about keeping hens, inspire the bicyclist and gardner in all of us, and build community. Open to adults and children, the tour will feature various hen houses and breeds. Coop owners are expected to be on hand at each location to discuss the how-tos of chicken keeping. The tour is seeking a wide variety of coop styles as well as surrounding back yard gardens for added interest.

If interested, send your information to:

For more information, visit Silicon Valley Tour de Coop.

GreenTown Los Altos is a proud sponsor of the Silicon Valley Tour de Coop.

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