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Eco Wrap-a-Rama! Dec. 7


Nov 2012


Call for Materials

Attention ALL of you crafters, scrapbookers, seamstresses, teachers, scout leaders and others who gather materials for noble reasons like recycling, re-purposing and saving $$ while saving the planet.  Let us know if you can contribute any of the following materials for GreenTown’s Eco Wrap-a-Rama! green gift wrapping service (wrapping with reusable, recyclable and compostable materials).

  • What: Eco Wrap-a-Rama! Green gift wrapping service
  • When: Friday, December 7, 6-8pm
  • Where: First Friday headquarters, 359 State Street, Los Altos

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Please drop off any of the following materials at the next GreenTown meeting, December 6, 7-9pm at Hillview Community Center, Room #17 or by prior arrangement with Barb O’Reilly via

Fabric (purchase or get donated)

Scarves, napkins, table runners, fabric remnants, furoshiki, in holiday colors (red and green for Christmas, royal blue and white for Hannukah, plus silver/gold for trim)


Raffia, ribbons and bows (no plastic please), rick rack, lace, yarn, buttons, cording, string, twine, feathers  


Cookie or other tins, metal boxes, cardboard boxes, e.g., shoeboxes or interesting sizes and shapes, ready to wrap, decorative jars, bottles

Papers and Old Holiday Cards

Brown kraft paper (purchase or get donated), white paper, tissue paper, newspaper (no disaster headlines, please) maps of all kinds, (some are so beautiful you can’t toss them out), shopping bags with nice handles (we can creatively cover store logos), old holiday cards (to decorate packages or be cut up for gift tags), tubes – toilet paper, paper towels & up to poster size.

Misc. Items to Decorate Packages 

Small ornaments, computer discs, corks, decorative jars, bottles, etc. for gift recipes.

Natural Items 

Pine cones, Nandia, Holly, or Pyracantha berries, redwood or cedar boughs, herbs (rosemary, mexican sage, bouqui garni), lemons, limes, pomegranites, persimmons.

Packing Fillers (to replace expanded polystyrene peanuts)

Used wrapping paper, shredded; unsalted peanuts in their shells; air-popped popcorn; pine boughs.

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