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Join In: Professional Landscape Irrigation Expo Fri., Sept. 20th


Sep 2013


The Santa Clara Valley Water District and City of Sunnyvale are co-hosting a Professional Landscape Irrigation Expo on Friday, September 20th from 9am- noon at the City of Sunnyvale Community Center. This free expo will feature presentations on the latest topics in water efficient irrigation and sustainable landscape design and provide a venue for irrigation manufacturers and vendors to display the latest in irrigation technology. Those invited to attend include all landscape professionals in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas, parks, maintenance, and city staff, water retailers, and non-profits with an interest in irrigation efficiency and sustainable landscape design.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

· Outsmarting Your Smart Controller: Understanding Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

· Innovations in Efficient Irrigation Technology

· Using Drip Irrigation in the Landscape: Dispelling myths and recognizing the important role drip irrigation can play in water efficient landscapes

· Saving Water through Sustainable Landscaping Practices: Find out how techniques such as soil amendments, sheet mulching, graywater re-use, rain gardens, and rainwater harvesting can save water in the landscape, reduce stormwater runoff, and benefit the environment

SCVWD staff will also be presenting information on the Landscape Survey, Landscape Water Use Evaluation, Landscape Rebate, and Graywater Rebate Programs. City of Sunnyvale staff will be present to discuss pollution prevention strategies (and how efficient irrigation relates to stormwater pollution prevention).

We are aiming for fewer presentations and hoping to allot more time for each presentation (45 minutes to 1 hour each) with time to meet with the vendors before 9am and after noon. We sent a ‘save the date’ e-mail out to all landscape professionals a month ago, and will be sending a flyer out to everyone soon. We are asking all irrigation manufacturers, irrigation vendors, water retailers, and non-profits interested in irrigation efficiency and sustainable landscape design to table at the event if they desire to. As you had indicated a previous interest in irrigation workshops for professionals, we are wondering if you are interested and available to assist with this Irrigation Expo. There is a full kitchen on site and potential for a vendor or agency to sponsor lunch. There are also other opportunities for getting involved as sponsors of this event. Please let us know if you are interested in collaborating on this event and if you have any suggestions, comments, or recommendations, as well as your availability and what task you would like to help with. We will need your response by Friday, August 16 or sooner as we need to finalize the flyer. Please respond to this email or contact Ashley Carter at (408) 630-2951 or Virginia O’Rourke at (408) 630-2330 for more information. Thank you!

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