GreenTown Los Altos

Coastal Cleanup Day: Bye Bye Butts in the Bay


Oct 2013


The morning of Sept 21 morning 25 enthusiastic volunteers helped pull 38 pounds of trash out of Permanente Creek and surrounding area, as part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day. All but 2 pounds of this trash was recyclable.

We also kept 500 cigarette butts and dozen of cigar butts from flowing into the Bay. All trash from streets flows into our creeks and out into the bay and ocean.

25 volunteers, 38 pounds of trash (all but 2 were recyclable), 500 cigarette butts all make for a cleaner coastline and healthier creek for all – won’t you join us next time?

cleanup posterCigarette butts, one of the worst types of toxins in our waterways, are the focus for environmentalists around the Bay. Butts are made of plastic, contain several toxins and do not biodegrade. Aquatic critters mistake floating trash as food and are killed by them. After the animal dies, the cigarette butt may continue on killing more creatures. Save the Bay organization estimates that over 3 billion cigarettes butts litter the area every year. Read more here and about Save The Bay here.

GreenTown Los Altos wants to make a continual impact on reducing pollutants in our creeks and hope more people will consider helping on future events.

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