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Gov. Brown Rocks! Signs Plastic Bag Ban for California!


Sep 2014


It’s been thought about, talked about and passed in local legislation. But statewide? No one but California has totally banned plastic bags.

Governor Brown did what no other state has done to date: completely banned plastic bags. Californians Against Waste reported this today:

Just this morning, Governor Brown signed SB 270, the first single-use plastic bag ban approved by any state legislature, into law.

It’s a history-making moment that signals a change in the way we address single-use problem products that are polluting our environment and wildlife–and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for your calls, letters, and contributions in support of these efforts over the years! This is indeed a day of celebration for all of us after more than a decade of work on the issue.

Forty years ago there were no plastic grocery bags; four years from now, we’ll forget there ever were.


Mark Murray
Executive Director


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