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Packard Foundation: Rising International’s Rising Star


Oct 2014


Recently, the Packard Foundation held an Open House to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. With several hundred of their “fans” enjoying the good snacks and enlightening tours, a big highlight was the awards ceremony.

With many groups receiving recognition, as well as cash grants, seeing the reactions of those recipients was particularly enjoyable given it was a surprise for all, according to GreenTown’s Gary Hedden.

Packard Foundation Open House

Carmel Jud receiving her award for her work with Rising International to help impoverished women support themselves.

One of the acknowledged groups that stood out was Rising International.  Carmel K. Jud, founder and executive director of the small non-profit that helps women in impoverished parts of the world market their home-made crafts at home parties was one of those honored.  Think Tupperware.

Clearly she has already received accolades. Check out her TedTalk to see how inspiring she is, as she takes action on a critically important issue.

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