GreenTown Los Altos

Wanting to Waste Less, Loyola Forges Ahead!


Oct 2016


What do we want? Less garbage to landfill.

When do we want it? Now!

On Friday, September 16, Loyola Elementary School, with the help of the Boy Scouts and GreenTown Los Altos, embarked on a new waste reduction program.



Rashee Rohatgi, Loyola parent and chair of Green Loyola,spearheaded that initiative last year working with prospective Eagle Scout, Evan Marshall, in designing and building good-looking and functional waste bins for the school. GreenTown worked with Los Altos School District and district waste company, Recology, to create signs that clearly indicate which materials go in which bin.


Principal Kimberly Attell and GreenTown Leadership Team member, Margie Suozzo, kicked off the program at a school-wide morning assembly on the morning of September 16, helping the kids learn what materials go where.  GreenTown volunteers helped monitor the stations during that Friday’s lunch period.

“Helping kids learn to do the right thing for the environment is always rewarding,” said Gloria Geller,

one of GreenTown’s volunteers. Ms. Rohatgi organized teams of students donning “planet protector” t-shirts to monitor the bins during the following week. This is the first of a series of schools that GreenTown is working with to ensure a more robust waste management system and divert even more waste from being “landfilled”.


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