GreenTown Los Altos

A Ride Honoring Dr. Hardy Jones


May 2017


GreenTown led a bike ride in honor of the late Dr. Hardy Jones to view his artistic metal sculptures. Hardy collected old metal parts, especially old abandoned farm equipment, and fashioned them into art. He called this “found art.” There are pieces at most of the local schools and they typicallyrepresent the school’s mascot – Santa Rita has bob cats, Egan has a Viking, Almond has an eagle and Covington has coyotes.

We started at the library to see Magic Fish and then proceeded to visit seven schools, one private residence and the hardware store. Sam Harding had great stories about each piece, and offered fascinating insight into the process that Hardy took to make his art.

It was a pleasant ride and people commented, “I have walked by these pieces and never knew the story.”

Now we know.

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