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More Schools Go Solar. Biking Paradise!


Jun 2017


Exciting news! The Los Altos School District (LASD) will be installing solar panels at each of its schools this Fall, resulting in savings of more than $175,000 in electricity costs each year. But the process will be a bit painful as it will occur during the school year – starting in mid-September.

In the spirit of every crisis bringing opportunity, GreenTown is working with LASD on a traffic mitigation plan for each school that we hope will result in lasting change in school commute behavior!  We are targeting an increase in WoW! (Walking or Wheeling/Biking) participation of 20% and a 20% reduction in single family car traffic.

A chance to bike, walk & carpool! Solar panels similar to those at Los Altos High School will be installed at schools starting September. Care to volunteer to help guide walking or wheeling students?

This will not only be good for the environment but will also ease traffic congestion around the schools and be safer for our kids! It’s a win, win, win.

Key features of the program include working with PTAs to develop more effective bike/walk encouragement, including increasing bike trains and walking school buses, and partnering with the carpooling app Chaperone to facilitate more carpooling.

We would love your help in making this program a success. If you’re interested in supporting this program, please send us a note at

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