GreenTown Los Altos

“Get to Know Los Altos” Bike Ride


Aug 2017


GreenTown led a bike ride as part of the City’s DownTown Green events, Sunday, July 23. Organized by Mike Tkalcevic who is generously interning with GreenTown as part of a Master’s Degree program in Urban Planning at San Jose State University, we rode 10 miles to explore the quiet streets of Los Altos.

We started at the DownTown Green on Third Street, took back streets and cut-throughs to eventually get to the Farmers’ Market in Mountain View. It was a relaxing way to go, and when we got there we had no problem finding a place to park!

Our start at the DownTown Green with Mike second from the left

At the Mountain View Farmers’ Market, look at all those cars behind us!

Leaving the Market, we headed to Palo Alto. Once again, we took back streets, crossed a bridge over Adobe Creek at Monroe Park and arrived at Charleston Avenue. Turning left, we returned home, eventually finding ourselves on Los Altos Ave. We ‘just happened’ to notice the Sweet Shop, so of course we stopped. We had kids with us after all. 

Stopping for a small adjustment. Mike is good at this – he works part-time at Bicycle Outfitter.

One of the young riders will be going to Blach next year, so we asked if she would be riding her bike. “Yes,” she said quietly. Her dad was more emphatic, “Yes, even in the rain!”

Her brother will be going into the fourth grade at Springer. Asked the same question, he said, “No.” Noticing our shock, he explained. “I walk to school.”

Excellent. These kids and their parents are setting such a wonderful example.

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