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Here Comes The Sun: Schools Go Solar!


Sep 2017


Solar is coming to LASD schools and with it comes construction challenges and traffic congestion.

But GreenTown has the solution – and it’s simple, healthy and fun: WALK, BIKE and CARPOOL to school!

In early October, the school district will begin construction to install solar panels at all elementary and junior high school campuses. While the drop-off zones will be open, traffic will be significantly impacted at all schools.

The school district is partnering with GreenTown Los Altos and its Walk or Wheel (WoW!) program to increase walking, biking, and carpooling during this period. “We are excited to leverage this opportunity to get more kids walking and biking to school,” says Margie Suozzo, GreenTown program co-lead. “We are hoping to ensure that these new habits will carry through the rest of the year, for the sake of our kids and the environment.”

GreenTown has been working with each of the LASD schools to design effective encouragement programs that reduce single family car school commutes and bolster biking, walking and carpooling.

In the end, schools will be powered by clean electricity and kids will be powered by their own two feet! We think that’s the way to move sustainability forward, which is what GreenTown Los Altos is all about.

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  1. Margaret Suozzo

    Update: The solar project has been delayed by a few weeks and will not start until early October.

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