GreenTown Los Altos

National River Cleanup Day – Los Altos Edition!


May 2018


by Linda Ziff

On National River Cleanup Day, May 19, 2018, GreenTown Los Altos gathered a group of volunteers at Heritage Oaks Park to remove debris from Permanente Creek and the adjacent diversion channel. We were part of a countywide effort of 1274 volunteers at 44 sites sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Although our section of the creek and channel appeared to be quite clean, we removed 20 pounds of trash that will not make its way to San Francisco Bay.  In addition, we collected and sorted :
  • 5 lb. recyclable plastics
  • 16 lb. recyclable glass
  • 3 lb. recyclable aluminum
  • 5 lb. wood
  • 5 lb compost
  • 60 lb. scrap metal including a 40-lb. antenna
  • …and 50 tennis balls.
Preliminary results from all sites are 44,768 pounds of trash removed and 1,1985 pounds of recyclables. This was about 12,000 pounds more trash than last year.

Volunteers and the trash they collected


Volunteers removing a 40 lbs antenna!


Volunteers in the diversion channel

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