GreenTown Los Altos

Historic Bike Tour 2019


Oct 2019


by Gary Hedden

GreenTown had a great September bike ride to see the sights of Historic Los Altos.

Bike group at the museum

There were a couple of firsts this year – a pedicab with three happy riders and a young lad happily riding a scooter, not a bike!

Three happy pedicab riders

We had several homeowners come out and give us tours of their properties. We saw the Magic Murals Home up close and personal, trains at the Bleibler House, chickens and bees at the Dracena Lane Cottage and a beautifully restored carriage house at the Denny House. It was a very personal experience to see the homes and hear the stories first hand from the owners’ perspective.

Looking at the Magic Murals


Looking for bees

We’ll be back next year – and we might just add a few more things.


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