GreenTown Los Altos

Our 500 Trees Campaign Update: 100 Planted! And Counting….


Mar 2020


Thanks to the sustainability conscious residents in our community, what a great start to the 500 Trees campaign!
We’ve planted more than 100 trees and will plant more in March. That will mark the end of the planting season for now, but we will be back encouraging and helping plant new trees in the fall.
Trees are important – good for the environment and they look beautiful.
We’ve enjoyed helping homeowners plant a tree or two but the best part is working with the kids. We’ve had scouts, the service league of boys, the girls service group Together We Can, the High School Green Team, students from Living Wisdom High School and more, and they’ve all been thrilled to plant trees. They love getting into the dirt and an hour later seeing a beautiful new tree ready to start its life.
We’ve planted trees at the local schools too. The kids get it, trees are important as well as beautiful. I always ask why do we plant trees? One little girl at Almond Elementary, a kindergartener, immediately answered, “They give us oxygen.” Wow, she’s six years old. I was impressed.
That’s why we will be back planting again next fall!

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