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Will You Support Reach Codes? They’re Within Reach Of Passing.


Mar 2020


A Reach Code ordinance is scheduled to come for a vote before the Los Altos City Council in the next couple of months, and while it is receiving push back from a small but vocal and organized group we are optimistic about its passage.  To accomplish that, we need your help to voice support of these codes.  

Reach Codes are City selected enhancements to the state-mandated building codes that are revised every three years and were adopted by the City in late 2019. Reach Codes help California and its cities reach their climate action goals of greenhouse gas reduction.  Without Reach Codes, these goals will be more difficult to meet which is why we’re hoping you’ll read up about it and support it.  

Behind vehicular traffic emissions, buildings are the single largest contributor to greenhouse gasses in our community.  In our homes, gas powered appliances are the worse culprits (furnaces, water heaters, dryers, and yes, our beloved gas stoves.)  Reach code researchers have built prototype homes and measured the cost/benefit of switching to electric versions of these appliances.  Adoption of all-electric Reach Codes are being considered only for new construction in Los Altos even though GreenTown supports the inclusion of major remodels or additions where these systems might be replaced as a course of the construction.  

For a great primer on what Reach Codes are, click HERE for detailed text provided by the city of Cupertino.   The actual Reach Code research, for those who like more data, can be found at the California Energy site.  

The Los Altos City Council has taken the forward-looking steps to vote for an all-electric version of the Reach Codes for new construction.   While that represents only a drop in the bucket of our overall housing stock, we need to pass it.   Email the council here by April 30th to show your support of the Reach Codes.   For questions or more information, contact Connie Miller here.

Watch for a separate e-blast for an invitation to a webinar Q & A on the subject hosted by City Council.

Look for an article on the negative health effects of natural gas in the home in our May GTLA Newsletter.

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