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Vroom! Anti-Idling Campaign Gaining Traction


Feb 2019


Interested in reducing health risks from air toxins at your child’s school? GreenTown can help!

Word of the health risks to children from air toxins in idling vehicle emissions is spreading and schools are taking notice. The LAHS GreenTeam is conducting an Anti-Idling Campaign in early February and GreenTown Los Altos will be there to help. Three other schools have made inquiries and asked for materials to inform parents of the dangers of idling.

In 2018, GreenTown conducted surveys with the Los Altos Environmental Commission of idling cars at LAHS to quantify the amount of idling that was occurring and to estimate the resulting level of toxins and CO2 emitted. GreenTown shared the results with the LAHS Green Team and provided resources for a campaign at the school. Students designed signs, flyers, stickers, and window clings and worked with the school administration to install signage in the drive-through pick-up lane.

To understand more about the issue, we recommend two short videos and the Los Altos Environmental Commission Report:

  • An EPA video (7 minute) that and explains the issues and dangers of vehicle idling.
  • A KRON4 newscast about a Pleasanton school anti-idling campaign.
  • Los Altos Environmental Commission Report with results of the surveys

If you are interested in helping your school reduce air toxins at pick-up and drop-off, contact us here and join the campaign.

2 Responses to “Vroom! Anti-Idling Campaign Gaining Traction”

  1. Kay

    Love the idea! For those of us with little siblings in carseats in the car, what are the guidelines about sitting and waiting in the car once the temperatures start to climb?

    • Cheryl Weiden

      It is better for the car and gas economy as well as the air to turn the car off if you will be idling more than 10 seconds. To accommodate rising temperature try opening the window, using a sunshade in the windshield or getting out of the car and waiting in the shade. If it is really too hot leave the ac on. The few times you have to do this will be outweighed by the good you do by turning off the engine most of the time.

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