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Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Deep Decarbonization, Rebates and You!


Mar 2019


by Cheryl Weiden

Deep Decarbonization. The terminology is not exactly widespread but it’s significant because its impact is wide and deep. And Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is addressing this climate change issue by providing you rebates through saving programs. Interested? Read on!

Most Los Altans are now receiving their electric energy from SVCE, which has reduced community greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions by more than 16 percent through its carbon-free electricity purchases. But a lot more is needed.

On April 4 Green Town Los Altos hosted Don Bray and John Supp of SVCE to discuss the company’s plans to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases in its service area. It’s part of its mission! The audience was very engaged and especially interested in the heat pump water heater and other rebate programs.

Some key takeaways:

About Silicon Valley Clean Energy

  • Learn more about SVCE in this video.
  • Who does what? SVCE sources clean electricity. PGE delivers it. The customer pays SVCE for the energy and PGE for the delivery. Customer can purchase one of two options:
    • Green Start, 50% Renewable (Solar and Wind), 50% Hydro.
    • Green Prime 100% Renewable
    • Cost of combined bill (SVCE + PGE) is slightly less than PGE alone for Green Start and slightly more for Green Prime
  • Investing in local, utility-scale renewable energy.
    • Initially SVCE procured the clean energy from existing facilities, but is now contracting for the construction of new renewable facilities. It recently signed two long-term agreements for the largest utility-scale, solar-plus-storage projects to be built in California. These projects will combine solar panels with large batteries to store energy that the sun produces during the day so that more clean energy can be discharged onto the grid during times of high-energy usage in the evening.

Long-term carbon reduction goals

SVCE’s Strategy to Achieve Deep DecarbonizationPlans for the future

  • California has set a goal of reaching 50% reduction in GHGs from 1990 levels. SVCE has a plan to help achieve this.
  • By 2030, Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s programs aim to cut energy-related emissions in half from the 2015 baseline. That would prevent 2 million metric tons of CO2-equivalents from being emitted into the environment each year.
  • Strategy to meet these goals can be seen in the slide to the right.

What does this look like in 2019

The FutureFit Home

  • Reach Codes – Building electrification and EV Charging infrastructure
  • All Electric Showcase Grants
  • Future Fit Heat Pump Water Heater Rebates (starting in July) – up to 75% to replace a gas water heater with a heat pump water heater, including upgrading your electrical service panel to 200 Amps

Learn More Here

Learn more about SVCE’s programs and read its Decarbonization Strategy for our community here. For more information or to get involved with GreenTown’s energy and carbon reduction programs, email us at


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