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An Additional Way To Fight Climate Change.


May 2019


Want to do more to fight climate change? Here’s a simple way to make a mark.

Thanks to Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), we have a carbon-free electric power supply. Let’s make it count by building on that. Quite literally. SVCE and other agencies developed amendments to what’s called the “Reach Codes” to encourage healthier, safer, emissions-free buildings.

Along with that, new energy efficiency standards for California buildings come into effect Jan. 2020. These codes apply to all construction permits. They promote the installation of solar photovoltaic systems and encourage battery storage and heat pump water heaters.


Los Altos’ Community Center

will be all-electric.

Which is where reach codes come in.

Reach codes form a foundation for greener building practices by:

  • Encouraging all-electric buildings but allow for both all-electric and mixed-fuel buildings.
  • Buildings with gas appliances will need to be more energy-efficient but improvements will pay for themselves in lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Amendments to the EV code will make new buildings more “ready” for EV charging and all electric buildings. Some of the benefits include that it costs less to construct than buildings with gas appliances; offers better indoor air quality; are more energy efficient and best of all reduce carbon emissions.

Reach codes for buildings and EV charging stations are cost-effective while also being environmentally sound. And this summer local City Councils will consider adopting the reach codes. Which means if you want to help you can ask Los Altos and Los Altos Hills’ city councils to do their part and adopt the Reach Codes. It’s that simple.

It’s not a big ask, but it’s a big reward that will be good for us all. An easy way to do your part to get us to greener living.

Their emails are:

If you’re curious for more information visit Peninsula Reach Codes here or email GreenTown here.

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