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The Anti-Idling Campaign Results Are In. And Impressive!


May 2019


We have the results from the Los Altos High School Anti-Idling Campaign! With total idling observed reduced by 79%.
So how’d we gather the data?
We surveyed idling before and after the installation of anti-idling signs and implementation of the campaign. Which is how we observed that total idling observed was reduced by 79%. At 88%, reduction was greatest at the front pick-up crescent where signs were installed and the driver contact was easy and efficient. Reduction in the back pick up area was less significant. Showing awareness and reinforcement make a difference in action.

Interested In Creating A Similar Campaign? Here’s how.

What we learned about anti-idling efforts can be used for similar efforts at other schools.
  • Install anti-idling signs in the pick-up and drop-off area(s)
  • Include anti-idling information in messages sent home to parents
  • Implement a short campaign distributing informational flyers to parents and stickers to students (optional)
  • All informational materials should be in the language(s) of the recipients
One big takeaway is that even simply putting up signs can make a big difference!! Just that awareness can yield changes. Besides, installing signs can be easy and inexpensive. With the benefits of reducing idling a health and environmental issue, parents can get schools on board with at the very least installing signage. Further benefits are achievable with fuller implementation of the campaign.
Additionally, similar results could be achieved in public areas of the town like parking spaces on Main and State Streets and in parking lots. GreenTown Los Altos is available to help other schools as well as help public and private entities reduce vehicle idling so drop us an email and ask away!

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